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The Sex Medic
So good I can jump start the heart.
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11th-Jul-2011 09:37 pm - CPAP update
So when I find that life is getting difficult I typically close down and do what needs to be done. Kind of like an autopilot. Trouble is everyone is now all what's wrong and stuff. And my LJ AWP rate (Average Weekly Posting rate) goes way down.

Had my second sleep study done. Turns out that the 55/hr Apnea/Hypopnea Index without CPAP dropped to an AHI of 1 per hour. Pretty significant I'd say. But they said that they would contact an agency to get my machine to the house. That could take weeks if not *shudder*

I promised myself that I would start to take what I eat and how I exercise more seriously when I started using the CPAP. And I promised myself that I would activly look into weight loss solutions three weeks after using the CPAP. I'm hoping that I will see the difference. But with a 55:1 ratio with supine sleeping, I'm highly optimistic.

I'm really digging Google+ so I'm pimping it out everywhere in hopes that Google can gain a bit of critical mass and I can put Facebook down to a secondary social network and have G+ a primary. I'll still probably use Twitter extensively but I'm also hoping G+ integrates with Twitter. BTW to get more up-to-date info then just these posts check me out at http://twitter.com/sukima
For me this week has been difficult. Funny as it is the week Kawaii and I are house sitting for my Gma. I think I have been sleeping worse this week. I'm hoping that's the cause. Seg-way!

So a month and a half ago I did a sleep study. I had a most horrible experience. Then I waited about 3 weeks and heard nothing. I then called my Primary Dr's office only to get the "What? Huh? I don't understand." Finally a month later I sat at there office to get a "I'm busy, make an appointment" Really just for some results? WTF!

Someone (I have no idea what there title was) called from the sleep center that day and tried to make another appointment for another study. I told them I had no idea what was going on. And they put me in touch with someone else (no idea there title) and he explained the results over the phone. More on that later.

So then comes the Dr's appointment and they want to charge a co pay and bill my insurance. I said wait just for the stinking results? Had a supervisor go and talk to the Dr. Again she would not see me and some tech cam out 40 minutes later and handed my a copy of the sleep study report. Seriously?! The tech actually took the time to talk with me about how the report was sent via internal mail and that they "just got it." But it's been a month and a half. It was interpreted on June 1st! Again WTF?!

Sigh. This is not how I understand a Primary Care Physician should be handling their patients. I have this overwhelming urge to write a letter to her and her boss and explaining the situation and the total lack for face to face or phone to phone communication. Simple her bed side manor SUCKS! New doctor time.

So now I'm left in the cold no PCP with me to deal with the results. Fuck, Here is how I read the results so roll your eyes now....

Dear sir, Although we realize that your body was evolutionarily constructed over a span far exceeding 250 millennia it seems that it never accomplished the simplistic task of breathing and sleeping at the same time. It is unfortunate that this is the case and there is no recourse for this predicament. The only solace we can offer is that shoving a plastic Darth Vader mask on your face will magically make you more comfortable in dealing with this drawn out death sentence. Please do not contact any medical professional concerning reasons or causes. We will not investigate any "fix" for this as the artificial air machine is the only thing anyone will recommend. If you want more information go loose weight as you will not receive any further emotional support until then. Also do not expect to receive any counseling concerning weight loss. Although we realize that if it was possible it would have been done already we will not even attempt to offer any advise concerning that matter. Thanks for giving us an excuse to charge your insurance company and have a nice day.

Sigh. The real truth is that I'm reacting to a negative result based on how well my emotions were taken into account. I read this great article concerning this: http://bit.ly/igEnJv And I think that the system has failed terribly at this.

So on to the results. I have on average 88 disturbances an hour. 55 of them are Apneic/Hypopneic. Which means on average I stop breathing for more then 10 seconds roughly once a minute or more. Least I did on that torture chamber they call a bed.

So now I have to learn to "let it go" so I don't suffer. And I will but for now I had to get my feeling out and now I can go to Boston with friends and have a good time.
23rd-Jun-2011 08:46 am - Thoughts on the Tao
The sage has no mind of his own.
He is aware of the needs of others.

I am good to people who are good.
I am also good to people who are not good.
Because Virtue is goodness.
I have faith in people who are faithful.
I also have faith in people who are not faithful.
Because Virtue is faithfulness.

The sage is shy and humble - to the world he seems confusing.
Men look to him and listen.
He behaves like a little child.
15th-Jun-2011 11:35 pm - No Rotton Pomodoros!
First thing is the pomodoro! I learned this week about a cool experiment on time management. Me being the ADD nut case that I am I figure what the hell. The idea is that you only work in 25 minute stints called pomodoros. Aptly named since pomodoro is tomato and the idea came from a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato. Anyway it's quickly summed up here:

  1. Choose a task to be accomplished

  2. Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)

  3. Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper

  4. Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)

  5. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break

There is more to it but that's the gist. Check out the real info at http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/.

I started trying this at work and oddly it seem effective. Even though I cheated from time to time it still seemed to spark me to be more productive. I see it as more of a game (life is boring need games). And the idea of doing something till your done is daunting. But I can sit still for 25 minutes. I use this really cool web app called http://tomatoi.st which offers the timer right there in your web browser. Perfect for anytime I have a computer near by (iPhone/Android apps in active development, out soon).

So here I am doing a journal and I have only 12 minutes left in my pomodoro. Gasp must type faster!!! I can do it.

At work I officially released my Scheduling Application. It made me feel a but nervous and ill. It has so many bugs and holes and I haven't even come close to writing all the unit tests yet. But people keep saying it so awesome. Blech, how awesome can it be with only one person working on it part time? But I did feel pretty good getting those compliments and kudos.

7 Minutes left...

So I found this new program that tests my JavaScript! It is so cool. I'm a huge jQuery fan and to find out that they released their own test program. So basically all the "programming" in your web page (The stuff that makes menus drop down, animate, drag the mouse, do cool stuff like real desktop applications and not just documents like in the 1990's) needs to be tested in a standard way. Normally this is done by me painfully clicking each and every possible iteration of things that a person could do on a website. Shudder. But with this tool it will run through a bunch of tests to make sure that the program works right. Inside the browser! See it in action with the jQuery test suite demo.

That's my next big whoohoo thing. Which is to make my programs all have these tests. It's hard work!

Well timers up. Gata go take a break now (That's code for sleep).

P.S. House offer in the works. More to come soon (fingers crossed).
6th-Jun-2011 11:13 pm - why didn't I buy stock in apple?

WWDC was today and I am so excited. My first thought was "it is about bloody time" I love Apple's stuff hut some of the design decisions had me baffled. Like pop up Notifications. Who in there right mind would want a text message interrupt you reading a book. Ludicrous! And android had the answer for over a year now. But I am glad that they are finally starting to move to the front of the line tech wise. I wonder if it is because Steve is starting to loosen his iron fist because he knows he isn't going to survive for much longer. Pancreatic cancer is a bitch.

I'm starting to feel a little better about the M/s stuff. I still feel pretty in the dark but I know that is how it is supposed to be. You can't teach instincts. but I do feel like I have a better handle on dealing with stuff then I did. This weekend was extremely profound for me because of how everyone interacted. We visited the Polony as Rya puts it. It wasn't like a play date where there were sex slave oozing out of the woodwork. But emotionally supportive. Everyone was there to help everyone else. I got the chance to get some real insight and wisdom from the very people to look up to and admire. It was amazing to see thing explained in a language I was understanding.

I got to talk about being a master and how some of the "magic" is created. I got some invaluable advise on my finances. And I got to see what life is like with a family bigger then just stereotypical (boy/girl err girl/girl no boy/boy so many options i want them all!!!!) that so many relationships live with.

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1st-Jun-2011 09:52 pm - Hey, where is the forest?!
Today was a normal ho hum day. However after the crazy day yesterday helping Kawaii with her procedure her cell and license got lost in my work bag. This meant that I took it to work today. Now contrary to what I had thought if you get snagged without a license on person you don't get the 24 hour grace period to display your license like I had though but you get a fine which you then have to contest in court. Not most cases are thrown out when a license is presented but there still is that fine and then the court date. SHENANIGANS I say! Anyway Kawaii was unable to use the car. So her planning for the weekend is now packed into one day. I had been talking to her tonight and wanted some us time. We have been putting a lot of other thing ahead of us since we had such a huge talk the other week. Sex has been sporadic and Master slave opportunities have been a little "as usual". I understand that there were some big things that neither of us can or could avoid. I'm OK with that. So I had the thought oh hey maybe a half hour us time after the kids have gone to there dad's. I was met with a very frazzled Kawaii.

Attempting (poorly) to be compassionate I tried to get to the details and work on my management expectations to help her on her project to try and lower the overwhelming feeling. I was taught that I ask how is she doing, how are we doing, and is there anything I can do to help. I've asked several people about what to do when your in charge of someone who feels overwhelmed and the answer is to listen to the issue then offer help/resources and to clear up the priorities so the person knows what to focus on.

This didn't work. I was told there is nothing I can do and that I couldn't even attempt to help with priorities because everything HAS to be done. I realize this. However I could offer a plan of attach and make a list (which is helpful for submissives). I don't think she was very receptive.

I kinda though hey since there is nothing I can do I should just walk away and write in this journal. Maybe pass it by with Rya. While I was forming a sentence to send to R I sent it to Kawaii instead (Stupid computer!). I had to go back out and apologize with lots of egg all over my face. We were able to calmly talk a bit. Maybe we can have some connection time in the future. With all the things happening lately been kinda missing her, missing her little, and missing our M/s dynamic. Silly since it really hasn't been a very long time at all. Kinda like those times when your loved one is away for one night and you miss them already.
15th-Dec-2009 06:47 pm - Things you find in a book store
So I ran into an interesting thing at boarders. I was looking at the alternatice religions section and found a book called the law of attraction by Michael J. Losier. And as I was skimming it curiously a bussiness card fell out.
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